Welcome to the world of logistics

With more than eighteen years of experience in Logistic World with thorough Knowledge and wide variety of service within India and across the world.

Handling of DGR Shipments

We handle:DGR Approved Chemicals (Hazardous and Non hazardous) Shipments.Many of our Clients are fully satisfied with our Service.We are swift, accurate in approval and perfect in connection with approved vessels.Our Customs Clearing team are experts in handling such shipments.

ODC and Special Equipment Movement

AWCLPL Started its Shipping Services with Over Dimensional Cargo movements Like, FLAT RACKS, OPEN TOPS etc.. We have handled Over dimensional shipments to many countries especially to Oil Producing Countries.We are proud to say that, we have all 18 years experience in such Over Dimensional Shipments. We enjoy doing the service to our Engineering Customers.

General Cargo Movement

AWCLPL has vide range of Product handling experience. From Agri products to Garments to anything under the sun. We do not handle Diamonds / Precious metals / Woods/ arms and ammunitions.